Written by Rita C. Hartman on June 30, 2018
bottle of Rowell Laboratories Nature Care AF Antifungal Cream

Rowell Laboratories Nature Care AF Antifungal Cream - Does It Work?-Review

What is Rowell Labs Nature Care AF Antifungal Cream?

The following is review of the antifungal product Nature Care AF Natural Anti-fungal Cream by the company Rowell Laboratories. This manufacturer states that their product works within days, by supporting your body’s own defenses to destroy the fungal pathogens. For this reason, the maker specifies that this product is appropriate for treating ringworm, athlete’s foot, tinea cruris, or ringworm of the groin, (generally known as ‘jock’s itch’), nail fungus, and fungal-based dermatitis.

Ingredients & How It Works

The active ingredient is zinc sulfate (homeopathic). This element, zinc sulfate is a both a fungicide and a bactericide, which works by destroying and regulating the progress of fungus. Even though there may be negligible side effects such as burning and irritation, the product is safe to use.

The inactive ingredients are: purified water, aloe vera, shea oil, vegetable emulsifying wax, sunflower oil, grapeseed oil, vegetable glycerin, distilled green vitriol, and vitamin E.

These mixed ingredients aid the body with its own defenses, fighting off infections, and supporting the skin to restore. The recipe is free from wheat, gluten, and soy. It does not hold synthetic ingredients, synthetic preservatives, fragrances or dyes, which could infuriate the skin.

Daily Serving

The maker of this product recommends that the affected regions be washed clean and then meticulously dried. The cream may then be smeared once to three times daily, or as needed. For ringworm or athlete’s foot infection the treatment can take four (4) weeks to work. For crotch itch (‘jock itch’) it can take two (2) weeks, and up to nine (9) months for a nail fungus to be cured.

The Cost

NatureCare AF Natural Anti-fungal is not available for purchase online on the company’s own website. It is said to be obtainable through Jet and Amazon websites. Though, regardless of our research, nothing appeared on Jet. We did trace the merchandise on Amazon, where it is being sold at $11.79 per tube. The manufacturer offers no discounts.


Despite the fact the maker makes a lengthy declaration about the company’s focus on offering quality merchandises, there is no clear guarantee detailed. Nevertheless, as the product is vended on the third party site Amazon, the company is mandated to abide by Amazon’s refund policy that a merchandise should be returned within 30 days to meet the requirements for a reimbursement.

Our Review Summary Of Nature Care AF Natural Anti-fungal Cream

The product Nature Care AF Natural Anti-fungal Cream is an all-natural creation meant at treating skin fungal infections. This antifungal product is supported by Amazon’s return policy, and has ingredients that are well-known to be effective in treating fungal infections. The criticisms on this product are mostly optimistic.

That said, the disadvantage is that you cannot purchase this product straight from the makers, thereby cutting the actual costs of a third party. If this cream adversely affects sensitive skin the treatment should be halted. Though, the utmost worry is the manufacturer’s claim that this treatment product can take up to nine (9) months to work, subject on the sort of infection. The 30-day return period is of no use to a sufferer of fingernail fungus. Last but not least, there are no rebates offered which could make this product more cost-effective to the shopper. With these pros and cons in mind, the purchaser must choose whether this is a practical product to purchase, bearing in mind the assortment of comparable products offering superior value.

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