Written by Lana Vella on January 7, 2019
bottle of saffron premium

Saffron Extract Premium - Does It Work?-Review

What is Saffron Extract Premium?

This review for Saffron Extract Premium focuses on the popular appetite suppressor that is overtaking the weight loss world. By including only saffron extract, it promotes the control of cravings for quicker weight loss results without binge eating. Since this product is one of the few that actually contains real saffron extract, instead of one synthetically grown in a lab, it is noted as one of the better products in its category. Read on to find out more about whether this is the right product for you.

Ingredients & How It Works

Saffron Extract Premium only has one ingredient and that is saffron extract at 400mg. Manufacturers all over the world are now trying to sell saffron with replacements or synthetics but according to clinical studies, the best is when it is directly extracted from the Saffron plant. Since this particular product contains the exact daily quantities of saffron to be beneficial, it makes it easier for someone to have access to all the natural vitamins that it offers. There are also no added fillers, preservatives or additives, which gives you contact directly to the plant itself.

Saffron Extract Premium is also made in an FDA-registered laboratory and is cGMP certified. According to clinical studies, saffron has been used to help suppress appetite, which increases the chances of weight loss while decreasing the chances of binge eating.

Daily Serving

Adults should take one capsule twice a day as a supplement. This dose should not be exceeded from the amount mentioned. Moreover, if you are pregnant or nursing, you should be speaking to a doctor. You should also be in touch with a healthcare professional if you are under 18 or have a known medical condition.

The Cost

Saffron Extract Premium has a few different packages. Customers can purchase a one-month supply for $49.95, a three-month supply for $89.95 and a six-month supply for $137.88. This final package will save you a total of $222, which is excellent value for your money.


The manufacturer of Saffron Extract Premium offers a standard money-back guarantee with 90 days to try the product and return it for a full refund if you are unsatisfied. You are able to return both opened and unopened bottles which really shows the value this manufacturer has for their customers.

Our Review Summary of Saffron Extract Premium

Saffron Extract Premium is one of the easiest products to buy online that helps you manage your eating habits to help you lose weight. With its competitive price in the marketplace and an easy guarantee policy that is also generous, it gives customers the opportunity to try this free of risk. Moreover, since it contains no additives and it is a pure extract from the Saffron plant, there are no chances of side effects. Well, actually there is one side effect: you may actually lose that holiday weight if you follow the dosages and recommendations of the manufacturer!

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