Written by Tim A. Davis on December 6, 2018
bottle of SAN Nutrition's Pure CLA 1250

SAN Nutrition's Pure CLA 1250 - Does It Work?-Review

What is Pure CLA 1250?

CLA Supplements make up another, eponymous subcategory of exercise and muscle building supplements, an area of the online market filled with dubious products and fierce competition. Pure CLA 1250 is manufactured by SAN Nutrition, and is one of the many similar-looking products that claim to be the best in terms of both quality and value. If Pure CLA 1250 really is as good as it claims, however, then it will need to meet the requirements needed to survive in such a competitive market. Customers are wary of the lookalike products and only want the best of the best. To narrow things down this they tend to look for: an all-natural formula backed by scientific research, glowing reviews, an easy to navigate website with company transparency, affordability and a money-back guarantee. Can SAN Nutrition's muscle building supplement pass this scrutinization? Read our review of Pure CLA 1250 below to find out more.

Ingredients & How it Works

The formula is designed around the naturally occurring fatty acid known as Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). CLA has been studied scientifically by the University of Wisconsin, and was observed fortifying the immune system and having positive effects towards a leaner body. The formula consists of ingredients that support this effect, releasing body fat to stimulate the process.

  • Ultra Pure Highly Concentrated Safflower Oil:
    • Conjugated Linoleic Acid
    • Cis-9, Trans 11 Isomer
    • Trans 10, Cis-12 Iso
    • Other Isomers
  • Oleic Acid
  • Palmitic Acid
  • Stearic Acid
  • Bovine Gelatin
  • Glycerin
  • Purified Water
  • Caramel

Daily Serving

Though not readily viewable on the website, the recommended dosage of Pure CLA 1250 is one softgel three times a day with meals. Alternatively, it should be taken as instructed by a healthcare provider. Customers are warned not to consume more than six softgels in a single day. Patients with medical conditions should avoid taking Pure CLA 1250 unless under the guidance and supervision of a doctor.

The Cost

There are three purchase options visible on the online website. These include an option to buy 18 softgels for $5.24, 90 softgels for $18.74, and 180 softgels for $29.96.


The manufacturer does not offer any guarantee on the product website.

Our Review Summary of Pure CLA 1250

San Nutrition's product boasts a formula of ingredients that, indeed, seem to live up to the claim. The positive effects of CLA have been documented by studies at the University of Wisconsin. In terms of pricing, Pure CLA 1250 seems affordable. However, the purchase options are very unusual, as they list the number of softgels instead of how long the supply of supplements is meant to last. With a dosage of three softgels per day, the first purchase option would only supply 6 days' worth while the second purchase option lasts a month. That being said, $18.74 for a one month's supply is still inexpensive compared to other supplements, so the price isn't a problem.

There are, however, other problems with the website. First is the absence of any money-back guarantee, which most manufacturers would have included as a sign of their confidence in the product. Second is the lack of any reviews or endorsements, which customers also usually look for, though reviews can still be found online. Lastly, while the website isn't too difficult to navigate, it isn't the easiest and a lot of information isn't present. Customers today look for transparency and guarantees from manufacturers because it is a sign that they are trustworthy and reliable. An opaque business model is a severe handicap when compared to more transparent and reliable competition.

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