Written by Helen M. Stanton on June 1, 2018
Six Week Body Makeover

Six Week Body Makeover-Review

The promise of the product is implicit in its name -- the body you need, in just six weeks, is what Michael Thurmond's Six Week Body Makeover claims it will deliver. The product takes your body type into account before devising an eating plan and light exercises that need to be done twice weekly, all geared towards building the new body you covet.

About the Product

Six Week Body Makeover targets bigger-built people who need to shed a lot of weight. While this is the hardest segment of the market to target, it also promises the best results, such as a person weighing 320 pound shedding half that weight to become just 160 pounds, a huge transformation by any measure.

How it Works?

The company promises a complete body makeover, within 45 days. That's a brave promise to make given that most people spend a lifetime building their body, while genetic predispositions are something nobody can fight. Additionally, the company claims that under their program, you can eat what you like while simultaneously reducing your visits to the gym. The few food choices the company gives, along with the basic nature of exercises recommended, might not make the Six Week Body Makeover program attractive to the average prospect. But for a medically obese person, the program could be a kind of wake-up call. Usually, weight loss programs create a lot of buzz fuelled by aggressive marketing promotions by their manufacturers. But unlike the rest, this one does not go out of its way to make bizarre claims aimed at creating a hype, as for instance, promising the loss of a certain number of pounds by a certain date.

How Much it Costs?

The program will cost you $40, if you opt for a trial lasting 60 days. That includes $20 shipping. If after 60 days you decide to continue with the program, it will cost you an additional $100, making the overall cost $140. In case you decide not to continue, the company guarantees a full refund.

How You make it Work?

As with any weight loss program, there is a certain commitment required by the user to make it work, and the company is up front in telling you so, unlike many of its competitors. A large amount of weight is going to get shed overnight. The best part of the program is that the longer you stay committed the better the results you are likely to see.

Final Review

The blueprinting technique used by the company to determine your body type is a positive step in helping you shed excess weight. It allows the diet plan to include the foods that can help you lose weight and eschew the ones you are required to avoid, in accordance with your body type. The scientific approach the company uses to establish your body type tells it about what response to expect from your body to foods such as carbohydrates, fish and red meat. Listing the foods you can eat is only the first part. The second and harder part is in adhering to the diet plan, especially as it could involve eating something you have never enjoyed and avoiding something you always have. The way the Six Week Body Makeover program has been devised, it should work not only with the obese people the company targets but with virtually everyone else. This is a sound system based on workable principles. If you adhere strictly to the program and follow the instructions on the eating guide, you are certain to achieve your weight loss objective. This program is for you if you are grossly overweight and want to lose over 50 pounds. If you are aiming for a more modest loss of weight, you could opt for a less aggressive program that has a greater range of exercises and an eating plan that is not as hard to adhere to.

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