Written by Rita C. Hartman on August 5, 2018

Solarflex Mat-Review

Hot pilates and hot yoga work outs have become a rage and the Solarflex Mat has been devised to allow you to enjoy the experience in the comfort of your home. This infrared heating mat allows you to practice yoga in the privacy of home away from the stares you might encounter when you strike a complex yoga pose, elsewhere.

About the Product

Hot yoga involves doing yoga work outs inside a hot sauna or similarly hot room. The yoga stretches are supposed to give you optimal gain when done in the hot environment. With the heart beat rate enhanced, there is a cardio element added to the experience of yoga, which, though beneficial in other ways, does not involve enhancing your heart rate.

How it Works?

The infrared mat is said to raise the core temperature of your body, ensuring that your work outs begin when you are warm and that you get hotter as they progress. This is said to optimize the work out to your benefit. There is a dual benefit in that you don't have to wait for your turn in crowded hot yoga classes and you also end up saving money on the expensive fees.

How Much it Costs?

Buying the Solarflex Mat will cost you $312 including shipping, but if you want to try the product without committing yourself to such expenditure, you can opt for a 30 day trial. This is available at the company's website which states that you can ask for a refund if you fail to lose weight during the trial period.

How You Make it Work?

You will probably find this product a bit more useful if you already have experience doing yoga. But if you are a newbie to yoga, you will be better off learning the basics of yoga first and trying out the hot mat at a later date when you are comfortable with the work outs.

Final Review

The Solarflex mat uses infrared heating and in the process gives you additional benefits that wouldn't accrue from using a mat that's electronically heated. Admittedly, the product carries a premium price but that is compensated by its quality. If you like doing yoga you will definitely enjoy doing it with this premium quality product that is manufactured to an exacting standard. A less expensive product would probably not have used infrared heating; so the high price is justified by the quality. The mat is also said to be useful to do pilates with, apart from resistance training that would involve weights as well, while giving you the benefits of a cardio work out. The product comes with a complimentary DVD that you can use to practice yoga exercises if you haven't had much experience in the past. You get value for money with the Solarflex mat from the amount you would save on expensive hot yoga classes. That apart, infrared heating is clearly a better option than the regular sauna that's used in classes. We recommend the Solarflex mat as a really "hot" new way of boosting your fitness. You are certain to get results if you use it consistently over a period of time, along with a regular yoga work out schedule. Your metabolism, flexibility and strength should definitely show remarkable improvement.

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