Written by Tim A. Davis on August 15, 2018
bottle of Solgar No.7 Joint Support & Comfort

Solgar No.7 Joint Support & Comfort - Does It Work?-Review

What is Solgar No.7 Joint Support & Comfort, 30 Veggie Caps?

This Solgar No.7 Joint Support & Comfort review examines the efficacy of this product in managing stress on the joints, and wear and tear. The manufacturer claims that this product improves flexibility, mobility, and motion of painful joints. According to the manufacturer, the supplement takes only seven days to produce positive results, especially in improving joint comfort. The product combines a range of bio-active nutrients to deal with joint stress that results from physical activity, exercise, or sport.

Ingredients & How It Works

  • Vitamin C (as Ester-C, calcium ascorbate) – 100mg
  • 5-Loxin Advanced (Boswellia serrata Extract) – 100mg
  • Turmeric root 4:1 Extract – 50mg
  • UC-II Standardized Cartilage – 40mg
  • White willow bark 5:1 extract – 35mg
  • Ginger root 4:1 Extract – 35mg
  • Pepper spice complex – 27mg

This product claims to work differently to glucosamine. These ingredients work together to target both the actual structure of the joint and the motion of the joint. This product does not contain any gluten, wheat, soy, yeast, sugar, sodium, artificial flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, and colors.

Daily Serving

Use this product as a dietary supplement for adults only. Take one capsule daily and expect an improvement to your joints within the first seven days of use. There are no serious side effects for this product, however, if you experience any adverse reactions, stop using and contact your doctor. You can attribute it to the fact that Solgar No.7 uses natural ingredients which are safe for consumption. You should consult your caregiver if you are on other medications or have any other pre-existing medical conditions. You should also speak to your doctor before using this product if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

The Cost

You can buy this product from different online retailers. One bottle contains 30 capsules which is equal to a month's supply. We found this product selling on iHerb for $19.28. The price will vary from retailer to retailer and so will any special deals and offers.


The manufacturer does not provide any information concerning a satisfaction guarantee. The return policy will depend on the store where you are buying the product.

Our Review Summary Of Solgar No 7 Joint Support & Comfort

This product seems to be an effective supplement for easing joint stress and pain, as well as improving comfort. Our review has found the following positive features of the product:

  • Can lubricate joints, making them more comfortable.
  • Its ingredients are primarily natural; hence, no side effects.

The following negative features have been noted:

  • No money-back guarantee on the manufacturer’s website. The lack of a satisfaction guarantee may cast doubts on the manufacturer’s confidence in the abilities of the product.
  • You can only buy from third-party retailers which increases the chance of buying a counterfeit product.

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