Written by Lucy R. Lockhart on July 16, 2018

Stacker 3-Review

Most people find it difficult to lose weight and Stacker 3 positions itself as the right product for those who have had enough of the tedium associated with the effort. Stacker 3 is said to be an ephedra-free aid to weight loss. It is said to bind to your fat while helping rid said fat from your system.

About the Product

Stacker 3 uses Chitosan as its primary active ingredient and is considered as an improvement over previous weight loss products such as ephedra that were felled by controversy. Ingesting Stacker 3 is said to reduce the body's capacity to absorb fat and in turn cause you to take in fewer calories.

How it Works?

The company claims that Stacker 3 increases your energy levels while reducing your body's fat content. While many similar products claim to be miracles delivered in bottles, Stacker 3 appears to meet the approval of most users, going by their positive reviews. The manufacturers of Stacker 3 have logged several years in the weight loss business and the current version of Stacker 3 -- as the name suggests -- is the third avatar. The fact that Stacker 2 was banned by the FDA also works to create publicity for an ostensibly improved version of the banned product.

How Much it Costs?

You can buy a month's supply of Stacker 3 for $20. Signing up for auto-shipments will help save on the price of additional orders.

How You Make it Work?

Be wary of any weight loss solution that demands a low level of commitment. There is no easy solution for anything and nothing on earth can be achieved without putting in the requisite effort. Most people tend to err in one of two extreme directions. They either work too hard to lose weight or expect miracles from popping a pill. There is a better, third, option: a slow and steady totally-focused effort that will get you better results than the first two options. Work changes into your daily routine that will benefit your body without your having to try too hard. For instance you could start taking short walks and gradually increase their duration over time. You will soon realize that you are probably walking nearly an hour a day without realizing how you graduated to that level of activity. Even as you raise your level of activity, you should concentrate on changing your diet, in a similar gradual way. Rather than cut on your calorie intake drastically, overnight, you could give up one edible item at a time. For instance, you could choose to deny yourself a small vice such as French fries, and then move on to do the same thing by giving up colas.

Final Review

Ingesting something like Stacker 3 is not without its risks. The fact that Stacker 2 was banned by the FDA shows that the company probably did not do adequate research before putting the product on the market. They could be doing the same thing with Stacker 3 and using the end user -- you -- as a guinea pig to experiment on. As far as real user reviews go, Stacker 3 has found approval from a large number of users. Many users claim that they have not only lost as much as 50 pounds of weight but have experienced a surge in their energy levels. But there is no knowing whether Stacker 3 alone should be given credit for the accomplishment as those reviewers could have used a combination of exercise and diet in addition to ingesting Stacker 3. Another problem with popping a pill such as Stacker 3 is that you could gain back the weight the moment you stop taking the pill. Your diet could also take a turn for the worse during your subscription to Stacker 3 and that could result in additional weight accruing once you stopped ingesting Stacker 3. Stacker 3 does not carry our recommendation; we advocate a slow and steady approach to weight loss with a combination of exercise and diet rather than a reliance on a purported miracle pill that could end up doing you more harm than good.

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