Written by Diana M. Lowe on May 2, 2018

Stop-It Smoking-Review

Stop-It Smoking is a product you are bound to come across when looking for a nicotine-free remedy to stop smoking. In this kit, you are required to combine tablets and lozenges. In return, you will suddenly develop less need to smoke as well as an urge to quit.

About the Product

Stop-it smoking claims that it only contains nicotine free ingredients that are natural. Every remedy that you can use at home always has it share of positive and negative reviews from users. This stop smoking kit is one of the homeopathic remedies available in the market. Some remedies may include a dilution with water, and voila, the medicine is made stronger. As you dilute a product, the more the energy it releases. The more you dilute it the more it works for you.

How it Works?

The tablets in the kit are supposed to be taken with the lozenge, and that is the only way to get results. Withdrawal symptoms will be sorted out by the tablets; the work of the lozenges is to cater for that craving. Below is a list of the active ingredients. Tablet Ingredients:

  • Avena sativa - features detox elements.
  • Caladium seguinum - tobacco craving suppresser.
  • Euphorbium officinarum - responsible for calming nerves.
  • Ignatia amara - Agent for detox
  • Lobelia inflata- helps reduce tobacco craving
  • Nux vomica - substance to neutralize effects of nicotine
  • Passiflora incarnata - responsible for nicotine effect neutralization.
  • Lozenge Ingredients:
  • Caladium seguinum - tobacco craving suppressant.
  • Calcarea Phosphorica responsible for reducing tobacco cravings
  • Cinchona officinalis - helps to overcome withdrawal symptoms.
  • Ignatia amara - a detoxifying agent.
  • Lobelia inflata - reduces tobacco cravings.
  • Nux vomica - responsible for neutralizing the effect of tobacco
  • Plantago major reduces tobacco cravings.
  • Staphysagria withdrawal symptoms suppressant.

The products above are all natural ingredients that are used in this kit. When you are quitting smoking tobacco, more often than not, you experience withdrawal symptoms. The kit is meant to counter the withdrawal symptoms and of course the addiction to nicotine. If you have been a chain smoker for long, your body becomes accustomed to the tobacco and this explains the addiction. In particular, nicotine in cigarettes is very addictive. Once you get used to it, you can't do without it.

The Cost

The Stop-It Smoking kit, which is in two parts, goes for as little as $18 with an inclusive shipping price of $5.The price is okay. Products to help individuals quit smoking are rather pricey; this one is a bit on the cheaper side. Unlike pharmaceutical products, this particular product is made from natural products.

How you make it Work?

Longevity of life, clean breath, clothes, fingers and acceptance in general are all benefits that come with the act of quitting the smoke. Nicotine, surprisingly, is incorporated in products for treatment of quitting smoking. It's quite useless providing nicotine for someone who needs to quit the nicotine, its more of massaging the problem and not dealing with it. A lot of perseverance and commitment is required in the quitting process. To get rid of the addiction you are relying on a product made from natural elements. It's not an easy task trying to quit nicotine addiction. A lot of help is needed despite some using other mythical treatments to treat the addiction.

Final Review

The reviews available are mixed, individuals who have used the product attest to a lapse in cravings after using the lozenges. On the negative side, some users of this product claim that over the counter nicotine-free medicines worked better than this product. The taste of the lozenges was unbearable for some who were not able to withstand the taste in their mouth. What works for one individual will not necessarily work for another. The smoking story is different for each individual and hence the variety in stories. Stop-It Smoking may offer you benefits that you find reliable, another person on the other hand, will not receive any positive results from the treatment. Clearly, it's right to say that the product in question does not bring any results as it claims to do. Your remedy is probably somewhere among all those quitting treatments in the market, all you have to do is keep trying them one after another. If one doesn't work for you, move to another. It's so sad that you have to keep trying and failing but hopefully you get one that gives you what you want. Stop-It Smoking is homeopathic, and there is a lot of skepticism about it. The reviews available clearly state that there is definitely something fishy about this treatment. Water tint is much involved in this homeopathic remedies remedy something doesn't quite add up with this particular treatment. People will prefer going for something that has more weight, not just a solution made from nicotine-free elements.

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