Written by Tim A. Davis on April 17, 2018
StriVectin Nourishing Lip Plumper for Lip Plumper

StriVectin Nourishing Lip Plumper - Does It Work?-Review

What is StriVectin Nourishing Lip Plumper?

There are many different lip-enhancing products on the market currently. In this review, one of these products, StriVectin Nourishing Lip Plumper, will be analyzed. The product claims not only to hydrate the lips but also to plump them up, offering lip volume. The natural color of the lips is restored; also, this product can strengthen the lips and make them softer. Continue reading this review. Learn the facts, such as the ingredients, how to use this product, any possible guarantees, and the price of this product.

Ingredients & How It Works

Hyaluronic filling spheres

proprietary nia-114

The manufacturer of this product does not clearly list the ingredients used. However, there are two patented and clinically proven ingredients in the formula. Hyaluronic filling spheres supplement is a natural moisture found in lips, which also helps to plump them up, while making the lips appear smoother with fewer wrinkles and lines visible. The second ingredient, proprietary nia-114 technology, strengthens the vulnerable skin of the lip area, defending it against harm. This ingredient makes the lips softer and helps to restore the lip’s natural color. However, scientific studies have found that effective products should contain at least five patented and clinically proven ingredients. This product contains only two.


User instructions are unsatisfactory. The product should be twisted several times until it emerges from the tip. It should then be applied over bare lips; thereafter gloss or lipstick may be applied. However, the time of day and number of daily applications are not stated.

The Cost

The product, Nourishing Lip Plumper, is available online, directly from the manufacturer’s own website. A 0.12-ounce product has been discounted from $39.00 to $27.00, excluding shipping fee. The manufacturer does not offer any bundle deals.


Despite our research efforts, no guarantee policy was found. This is a concern in that this product may not be as effective as the manufacturer claims it to be. Consumer reviews are a good measure of how other people have reacted to a product and their take on its efficacy. There are, however, fewer than 10 reviews on the third-party site Amazon, 10 being the average number found.

Our Review Summary Of StriVectin Nourishing Lip Plumper

At first glance, the product Nourishing Lip Plumper seems worthwhile. First, the product is discounted, therefore allowing the consumer to save some money. Second, this product contains patented and clinically proven ingredients. On the downside, however, there are also certain concerns about this product over the lack of a guarantee that would have protected the rights of the consumer; and the lack of bundle deals that would have rewarded loyal patrons. This product also lacks the minimum number of patented and clinically proven ingredients in the formula. However, there are many other similar products on the market currently. Most of these products offer better formulas with clinically proven ingredient and patented ingredients, firm manufacturer guarantees, package deals that reward loyalty and discounts that save the consumer money over the long term but also clear and succinct information on their website.

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