Written by Diana M. Lowe on July 19, 2018

Supersmile Whitening-Review

A top drawer dentist created Supersmile and the company uses this as its USP in its promotion. Although this is not the biggest brand around, it claims to be able to give you whiter teeth -- in a short duration -- that will last you well into the future.

About the Product

Most competitors of Supersmile offer short-term whitening solutions that don't take into account the cause of staining of your teeth. Also, they don't concern themselves with the possibility of your teeth getting stained again in the future. Supersmile is a refreshing difference in that it offers whitening for the long term, with a suite of products devised to this end. The company projects Irwin Smigel as the pioneer of cosmetic dentistry, a claim endorsed by media reports published and awards won. Smigel created a unique whitening system about three decades ago and that system is now known as Supersmile. Smigel has since been reduced to a mere spokesman. Supersmile claims that it removes build up and stains from teeth by using a proprietary substance; additionally, the promoters claim that Supersmile desists from causing any harm to your teeth, in the process. The company seeks to create a buzz about the product by focusing on its inventor. This appears counterintuitive, as it only seems to glorify Siegel, while not highlighting the benefits and features of the product.

How Much it Costs?

Supersmile is not the most expensive product of its kind on the market. The company's Professional Whitening System sells for $36, in its small pack; for $58, you can get their biggest pack. The company peddles toothpastes at $21 a tube, a trifle expensive, but the cost must be weighed against the benefits of whitening to know the true worth.

How you Make it Work?

Supersmile projects itself as concerned not just about the whitening of your teeth but also about your overall oral health. To that end, this is a system that does not harm your teeth and gums unlike some other products on the market that increase sensitivity during and after the treatment process. By reminding you to focus on your long-term oral health Supersmile might actually reduce your need to whiten your teeth often.

Final Review

You might presume that a system invented by Irwin Smigel would be immune from criticism; yet Supersmile has had its share of bad reviews by users who claim the product did not do anything at all. Curiously, most reviews are either very good or very bad, with very few moderate ones. Supersmile could possibly suffer from not being a state of the art product. Some competitors use technology to good effect. For instance, some include domestic lighting systems ostensibly to hasten the treatment process. Similarly, there are those who use professional strength gels to augment their products. Supersmile with its outdated technology could prove to be a little slow in showing results that could accrue over a period rather than overnight. Despite the mileage derived from having been invented by a dentist, Supersmile doesn't enjoy a reputation for delivering results as some of its competitors do. The Supersmile system is overly dependent on a substance called Calprox that appears to be a chancy kind of component that works for some while not working for others. Having said that, Supersmile desists from damaging your teeth by not using abrasive elements that are usually present in calcium peroxide. All said and done, Supersmile has received more positive reviews than negative. Supersmile will help you see positive results, with consistent use, over a period of time. Despite some negative reviews, you should find the system useful as part of a comprehensive dental health solution.

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