Written by Helen M. Stanton on November 18, 2018
bottle of Swanson Premium Biotin

Swanson Premium Biotin - Does It Work?-Review

What Is Swanson Premium Biotin?

In this review of Swanson Biotin, we see that it is a formulated dietary supplement has comprised a member of the B-vitamin complex, the "beauty nutrient" also known as Vitamin B7. This supplement was formulated to utilize biotin for its nutrition properties with the aim of giving their customers healthy hair, well-conditioned skin, and strong nails. This product also aims to play a key role in fatty acid metabolism so that digestion can be aided.

Ingredients And How it Works

Key Ingredient:

  • Biotin (5000 mg)

A lack of Biotin in the body is usually noticed by thinning in the hair and brittle nails. Biotin claims to supply cells with energy, making hair, skin, and nails, stronger. Vitamin B7 is a key compound of enzymes involved in fatty acid metabolism which helps to supply cells with energy. Biotin deficiency has been linked to hair loss and skin rashes as well as other skin conditions. Biotin has been clinically proven to thicken nails and aid in macro-nutrient metabolism which is important for digestion.

Other ingredients:

  • Rice flour
  • Acacia gum    
  • Gelatin

Rice flour is a great alternative for wheat flour since most wheat flour contains gluten -  a protein that can irritate the digestive system or worse for anyone who is gluten intolerant.

We hereby feel that the manufacturer should have stated on their nutritional information label that the product poses a risk for the gluten allergy.      

Acacia gum is also an unnecessary additive and together with gluten could prohibit the product’s performance. Gelatin is derived from animals, therefore, this rules Swanson Premium Biotin out as an eco-friendly product. We feel that the manufacturer could have chosen a vegetarian and vegan-friendly alternative to encapsulate their product.

Daily Serving

The recommended serving for an adult is one capsule daily with water. As per scientific research, the recommended dosage of biotin which has been proven effective is 10,000mcg per day. According to these instructions, the dosage is way too low to see results.

The Cost

Swanson Premium Biotin is available at the price of  $2.09 for a bottle containing 30 capsules. Swanson Premium Biotin is sold through the manufacturer’s website as well as third-party online retailers.


The manufacturer gives a 100%, 30-day guarantee to products valued at $500 and less, otherwise, a 20% fee is charged to restock the product. If the product is not to your satisfaction, the unused portion may be returned within 30 days for a full refund. Most competitor brands offer their customers with a 365-day 100% money back guarantee, and we feel that Swanson could do the same.

Our Review Summary Of Swanson Premium Biotin

In our recent review of Swanson’s Premium Biotin, we have found that this product is affordable and that the customers have given some good reviews about the product. Unfortunately, the other ingredients mentioned in this product may have serious effects and health risks to people that have a gluten allergy. The added ingredients might hinder the overall effectiveness of the product.

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