Written by Lana Vella on August 28, 2018
Thornton & Ross Mycota for Athlete's Foot

Thornton & Ross Mycota - Does It Work?-Review

What is Thornton & Ross Mycota?

Thornton & Ross Mycota promises to treat and prevent athlete's foot. It is a pharmaceutical product that contains a clinical ingredient. This clinical ingredient is directed against the various fungi that cause an athlete's foot infection and it also helps to ward off a secondary bacterial infection. Our review of this product assess the effectiveness of it but also helps to determine if it is the best option for treating athlete's foot especially considering the other kinds of products on the market.

Ingredients & How It Works

  • Zinc undecylenate
  • Undecylenic acid

Both ingredients are very potent antifungal agents. They interfere with the fungus cell metabolism and prevent them from forming a proper membrane. This allows the various immune factors in the body to eliminate the fungus very easily. Even in a person with decreased immunity the fungus cannot survive the environment of the body, without good membrane integrity.

Zinc from the zinc undecylenate can have some antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. It is simply just not as effective as using other anti-inflammatory agents in conjunction, as other products do. The ingredients in other athlete's foot products have a more direct anti inflammatory and anti itching effect.

The other problem with pharmaceutical ingredients is that they can cause notable side effects. These ingredients may cause cracking in the skin from dryness.

Daily Serving

Mycota should be applied twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Users are advised to wash and dry their feet before applying this product. Special attention should be given to apply Mycota between the toes. The product works best when using clean socks every day and continuing treatment for up to a week even after the infection has cleared.

The Cost

An 0.88 oz tube of Mycota can be purchased online for $3.59. This price includes local taxes but does not include shipping. There are no discounts available for purchasing multiple units of the product and there are no subscription services.


Considering that this is a pharmaceutical product, it is expected that there is no guarantee when purchasing it. That being said, customers do not have to settle for a product without a guarantee. There are several products on the market of natural derivatives that have been proven equally effective and are covered by a satisfaction guarantee so customers don't waste their money.

Our Review Summary Of Thornton & Ross Mycota

The general idea behind the use of a pharmaceutical product is that it has been well studied and can be very effective at its job. The problem is that there are pharmaceutical products that still don't work for certain people based on various factors like genetics or their living environment. In this case if the product doesn't work then the customer will have spent money on something that is useless to them. Certain customers may also experience adverse effects when using this product. It might be more beneficial for customers to look at products which do not have such severe side effects and come with a guarantee. 

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