Written by Diana M. Lowe on January 27, 2019
Triphala Premium bottle

Triphala Premium - Tongue Twister with a benefit-Review

The challenge: my tongue and my taste

I am not one of the many people who liked reading. I never liked learning new things and getting into the challenge. I had my own challenge - my weight! I am simply obese. I have been up to this challenge for a very long time and didn't know what to do since I have tried everything that there is to try: African mangoes, Acai fruit, green coffee, tea and a lot other things that you can probably buy in the market. I have spent almost half of my income on these diet pills that simply didn't do anything but give me more frustration!! I simply love food - who doesn't? Those who say that they don't are nothing but fake!

The twist

I started asking friends for anything that they can do to help, even restrain me when I see food. I know a friend when I see one and a very trustworthy friend told me that she recently watched Dr. Oz's show and when he featured TRIPHALA EXTRACT . At first I wondered what this means but then I did some research (well I was really curious!) and found out that it meant that it does not only contain one thing that would help you lose weight but it contains three fruits - - see? These have antioxidant, colon cleansing and also help detoxify the body. It's like buying three things in one.

The Benefit

The worst part of my body was my belly fat. People would mistake me for someone who just gave birth - well I wish I were just to have an excuse, but I'm not. So I went ahead and ordered TRIPHALA PREMIUM. Upon taking TRIPHALA PREMIUM, I noticed the change within the first month and my waist started to become smaller. From 42 inches, I had 38 inches in the first month. It also helped with my other problems related to my obesity such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Since TRIPHALA PREMIUM is made of all natural ingredients , I did not have any problems taking it together with my other medications.

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