Written by Joshua J. Haley on August 16, 2018
Viva Naturals CoQ10 for Health & Well-Being

Viva Naturals CoQ10 - Does It Work?-Review

What is Viva Naturals CoQ10?

This product is formulated to supplement low levels of CoQ10. It is said to promote cardiovascular and circulatory health, maintain blood sugar levels, and lower cholesterol levels. While this may seem amazing, it's important to do your research first before purchasing any product that is why we have compiled a comprehensive review of Viva Naturals CoQ10 to point out all the important facts.

Ingredients & How It Works

This product contains 100 mg of Coenzyme Q10 and 5mg of BioPerine Black Pepper. Coenzyme Q10 is an important nutrient which is required for energy production within the cells and for protecting major organs such as the heart and brain. Black pepper is known to increase the bioavailability of the natural ingredients. There are additional fillers in this product such as Extra Virgin Olive oil, Beeswax, purified water. These additional ingredients may affect the quality and potency of the CoQ10 supplement, that is why it's best to look for a product that only contains CoQ10 and Black pepper without the additional ingredients.

Daily Serving

Viva Naturals recommends taking 1 capsule a day with large meals. This dosage is much lower than that of other leading brands and may not be potent enough to deliver any measurable results. An optimal dosage should be 250 mg a day.

The Cost

This product seems to be out of stock on most websites at the time of this review. There is no mention of when the product will be back on the shelves but if this product was working for the majority of its users, the manufacturer would have made sure that there was a sufficient supply for the demand, this doesn't seem to be the case here.


There is a 90-day return policy on the website which entitles you to a full refund and the packaging does not need to be returned in order to make the claim.

Our Review Summary Of Viva Naturals CoQ10

We like the fact that this product is natural and there is a strong money back guarantee, however, the formula is our main concern. While it may contain the two main components of an effective formula, there are additional fillers such as Olive oil, purified water, and beeswax. These fillers could potentially water down and hinder the potency and the quality of the CoQ10. Another concern we have is that the dosage is significantly lower than what most other leading brands offer and may not be strong enough to deliver any noticeable results. There are mixed reviews about the product, some who like it and others who suffered adverse side effects or saw no results at all. It's puzzling to see why this product would be out of stock on almost all third-party sites, if the demand was high and this product really does offer measurable results, surely the manufacturer should have accounted to supply the demand? Based on these finding we do not feel that this is the best CoQ10 supplement on the market.

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