Written by Tim A. Davis on May 6, 2018


There is a big market for diet food delivery and, consequently, there are several products, on the market, as is only to be expected. In this crowded market, Wonderslim seeks to make a mark with what the company claims is tasty food at a modest price.

About the Product

Wonderslim is a product of the Diet Direct website and a brand that exemplifies the website's philosophy. Subscribing to Wonderslim involves ingesting seven meals, every day, with an interval of 2 to 3 hours between meals. That way, you are unlikely to be hungry at any point of time. The company ensures that with its range of 50 different meals, an end user is unlikely to repeat a dish for a long period of time.

How it Works?

Wonderslim has been praised by a lot of real users for the tasty meals provided, with some reviewers stating that they didn't expect this quality in a diet delivery product. Wonderslim is even considered tastier than Medifast, which is saying a lot for a product that is cheaper than Medifast's offerings.

How Much it Costs?

The price of Wonderslim's 12-week program works out to $7.80 per day, on average. You also have to factor the cost of the one meal you will require to cook -- in keeping with the diet plan -- to arrive at the real cost.

How You Make it Work?

Wonderslim has devised a food plan that includes one freshly cooked meal everyday to ensure that you don't rely entirely on prepackaged meals. This also serves to ensure that you can continue to practice your culinary skills, while being able to eat with your family, even when you are on your diet. It also helps you shop for healthy food, while neglecting the junk food that dominates the shelves of many stores.

Final Review

A negative part of the Wonderslim diet is that it could get you into the habit of eating seven meals a day which could prove counterintuitive when you get back to your normal diet. You could end up becoming obese because you would no longer be dealing with packaged meals but with normal food. Even during the diet, fitting seven meals in a day would mean bringing down the interval between meals to about two hours during your waking hours. This will also work against your body clock -- the natural time cycle of your digestive process -- as the digestion system is programmed to work best during mid-day and is sluggish by comparison during mornings and nights. Also, the Wonderslim program is silent about the need for exercise which is an essential part of any positive lifestyle change. Wonderslim has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from most real users. This can be attributed to the results that are bound to accrue from a calorie-restricted diet, such as Wonderslim. However, this is not reliable in the long run when your body will need more calories and it could lead to overeating and obesity, as a counter-reaction. As you cannot rely on prepackaged meals, for the rest of your life, you need to devise a plan for how you are going to manage your diet after you are through with the Wonderslim program. Wonderslim definitely scores in comparison with other diet programs as, relative to the competition, it is a well-thought out plan delivered at an affordable price. If you adhere to the guidelines of the program, you are certain to see positive results. Given the positive feedback about Wonderslim, we cannot discount it but would recommend that instead of replacing all your meals at once, try replacing a few, at a time, with the pre-packaged food delivered by Wonderslim. Replace additional meals only till you see positive results. That way you get a workable mix that you can incorporate into your diet plan even after you finish the Wonderslim course.

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