Written by Diana M. Lowe on June 18, 2018
Wrecking balm

Wrecking Balm-Review

This product is for you if you are trying to get rid of a tattoo. The other options are surgery (expensive and possibly dangerous depending on the tattoo's location), and make up (tedious, and limited in scope). Wrecking Balm claims to be able to cause your tattoo to fade away.

About the Product

The product uses a dual process, beginning with exposure of the tattooed skin through the use of micro-dermabrasion and ending with breaking up the ink by the application of a cream made of essential oils. This causes the tattoo to get progressive lighter over time. The company does not claim that the erasure will transpire overnight. Somebody who has a tattoo and doesn't want to attract attention should be satisfied to have the tattoo become less prominent before eventually fading away altogether.

How it Works?

The company claims that Wrecking Balm will cause your tattoo to fade away and you won't have to consult your doctor or need a prescription. It also claims you won't need any surgery or other dangerous procedure performed on yourself nor will you experience any burning sensation or have to employ any dry needles. Importantly, it won't cost you a lot of money, as might laser treatment or some other procedure. Additionally, all this can be accomplished without your having to leave the confines of your home. The company website explains it in scientific lingo: The epidermal layer of skin cells is sloughed off thereby exposing the stained skin beneath; this is accomplished via micro-dermabrasion. Inorganic, natural and herbal compounds are used in conjunction by Wrecking Balm while ensuring the safety and affordability of what is a minimally invasive and minimally harsh treatment aimed at removing tattoos. In other words, the top layer of skin when rubbed away reveals your tattoo stains which can then be subjected to application of the cream. Wrecking Balm is not only available at the company's website but is also sold in stores such as Walmart and Target sell .

How Much it Costs?

A starter kit, available at offline stores such as Walmart as well as online at the company's website and at other sites, sells for $50 to $60, while a refill pack retails for $25 to $30.

How You Make it Work?

As the system involves fading rather than immediate elimination of tattoo marks, persistent use over a long duration is called for.

Final Review

Wrecking Balm is not approved by the FDA, which is not involved in approving products that use natural ingredients. But the FDA has approved the micro-abrasion process and the company highlights this fact in promoting Wrecking Balm. Shea Butter, Theobrama Cacao Seed, Hydravescent Cream, Lavandula Angustifolia Oil, Lemon Oil, Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil, Walnut Shell powder and Peppermint Oil are among the natural ingredients used in the product. While these are intrinsically great ingredients, many natural ingredients don't fulfill their promise and they have no scientific backing to corroborate their claims. But they are inexpensive raw materials that don't involve asking the FDA to approve them, a major reason why companies prefer to use them. There are a remarkably large number of negative reviews that claim Wrecking Balm doesn't do what it claims to do; there are also many users who complain about the quality of customer service provided by the company. There must also be a number of satisfied users as otherwise the company couldn't have grown as it has, in such a short duration. Again, that could be explained away by the fact that Wrecking Balm has few competitors, if any. The number of negative reviews makes it hard to refute the claim that the product does not work, with even "before" and "after" pictures capable of being manipulated. That also means that we cannot recommend this product with a clear conscience. While conceding that the product is inexpensive, the results, if any, could take too long to manifest themselves; you run a real risk of spending a lot of money over a long duration of time only to find that you have got nothing in return for it.

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