Written by Tim A. Davis on May 25, 2018

Zaggora HotPants-Review

Zaggora Hotpants are pants to be worn while working out that the manufacturers claim will enhance your workout and facilitate the burning of additional calories and the loss of additional weight than if you worked out without them. They resemble ordinary shorts conventionally worn during workouts, with some technology added.

About the Product

The promise of the product -- that of a better work out while consuming less time -- is attractive enough for us to want to investigate the claim. The claim is based on the premise that a work out while wearing Zaggora Hotpants will have greater effectiveness thereby involving less time in the work out. Thus you would achieve better effect than you would otherwise accomplish with your normal workouts.

How it Works?

The company's website claims that working out while wearing Zagorra Hotpants will enable you to lose four times more weight. They claim that a study done by them revealed Zaggora Hotpants resulted in 6% increased expenditure of energy during exercise and 26% increase in energy expenditure during the 60 minutes after the work out. These increases were measured against the results obtained from exercise while using a control garment. But the company does not reveal what the control garment was. The study is claimed to have shown a weight loss of 1.13% of body mass after 30 minutes of exercise using Zaggora Hotpants as against 0.27% achieved using the control garment. This amounts a four-fold increase in weight loss, attributed to increase in metabolism facilitated by Zaggora Hotpants. This is said to happen on account of core body temperature increasing by 18% more, on average, by working out in Zaggora Hotpants than in the control garment. But it is not clear how the company measured core body temperature. Focusing on its target market of women, the company has designed Zaggora Hotpants as a product that's ideal for use with cardio rather than weight-lifting exercises. However, the company is also planning a male version of the product. The promise of giving better results while taking less time is sufficient to create a buzz about any product; the company augmented that with a marketing effort through Groupon to cause the right element of intrigue amongst its target audience.

How Much it Costs?

A pair of Zaggora Hotpants could set you back by $70, but you could get a discount or free shipping with the use of a coupon code. Additionally, you could also make use of Groupon promos to get bargain deals.

How you Make it Work?

Zaggora Hotpants will only work if you use them while working out. So to begin with you need to schedule work out sessions, if you are not already an exercise buff. You could even join work out classes or learn from videos. The company claims to use something it calls as “Celu-Lite" technology. Women suffer from cellulite accumulation in areas that the work out pants cover and that is the original premise of manufacturing the product before the company went on to claim the additional benefit of weight loss. The hotpants, which resemble cycling shorts, are thicker than conventional shorts such as Spandex or Lycra. Make sure you get the right size that fits you well by adhering to instructions on the company's size guide. The right size is crucial to the effectiveness of the product and make sure you leave no stone unturned, in your effort to get what fits you perfectly, such as talking to a company rep. Usually, in relation with such a product, people expect to see before and after pictures. But in this case, such a picture would mean little; for instance, it would not tell us about the nature and amount of exercise done by the user or the kind of food she might be eating, or other devices she might be employing in order to lose weight. Reviews by real users would be a better guide as to whether or not you should try Zaggora Hotpants, and very often, people decide whether or not to buy based on such reviews. There's also the question of side effects that could be caused by Zaggora hotpants, given that some technology is used to impact your body in some way when you use the product. With the additional heat generation; dehydration is a real possibility and you could guard against that by having water handy, whenever you work out in Zaggora Hotpants. Also, one real concern that has emerged from reviews is the smell Zaggora Hotpants are said to emit.

Final Review

As is to be expected with a product of this type, the reviews by users are mixed. While some claim a loss of weight through using the product, others say they did not see any perceivable benefit after two weeks of working out in Zaggora Hotpants. While the product is unlikely to be used in the same way by different people, the moot question is, will you use it the way the promoters recommend it should be. Once you have done that, you will be in a better position to judge as to whether or not it works. If you already have a fitness regimen going, you could try Zaggora Hotpants, especially if you have reached a plateau in your fitness effort and want an additional push to get rid of some extra pounds. The product might serve you even better if you are a newbie to exercising as it could motivate you to start exercising in earnest and if you see results to continue to workout.

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