Written by Lucy R. Lockhart on April 18, 2018


Acne is an extremely common problem, with millions of adults afflicted by it, and the problem shows no signs of abating. With most people finding conventional acne treatment of no avail, Zyporex offers an alternative for those who suffer a moderate to severe acne problem.

About the Product

Zyporex claims to cure any form of acne regardless of the severity of the condition or the age of the person afflicted. The company advertises the product as a chemical free facial scrub that has 30 varied nutrients that combine to give your skin a natural cleansing while preventing excess oils and dirt from clogging the pores. Tea tree extract, aloe vera and avocado oil are among the natural ingredients that comprise Zyporex that when used daily is said to clear up acne within weeks.

How it Works?

Zyporex claims, as do all its competing products, to be able to clear up your acne without harming your skin. And just as its competitors claim to be the best solution, on the market, for acne, so does Zyporex. The most impressive claim, however, is that Zyporex relies on just one product used daily to produce positive results, as opposed to its competitors, who have several bottles to be used several times daily, with various lotions and creams to treat different forms of acne. Zyporex has also created a buzz by claiming that it is alone among natural skin cleansers available on the market that will not only solve your acne problem but also the leave your skin in better condition than it previously was. The company also claims that users will see results within three months.

How Much it Costs?

A bottle of Zyporex (said to last three months) will cost you $30. This is a reasonable price as compared with over-the-counter drugs sold in stores.

How You Make it Work?

You have to use this product once every day, as part of your shower routine, employing it as a cleanser on any part of your body, including your face, that has an acne break out. The application process is rather simple -- it involves wetting the skin, lathering it with Zyporex, and rinsing it thereafter.

Final Review

Zyporex uses only natural ingredients but that does not necessarily make it the best product of its type. Several users of Zyporex have given the product negative reviews stating that it did not help clear up their acne. Some have even stated that the product has in fact worsened their acne problem while drying up their skin and damaging it. On the flip side, most users have found the smell of Zyporex alluring, which is poor consolation if the product is perceived as not living up to its claims. As Zyporex can only be bought online, at the company's website, many users have complained about the poor customer service they have suffered, with the company failing to answer claims or address complaints and being tardy in shipping orders. Three months is too long a period to wait to find out that a product does not work, so even a trial with a single bottle might not be worth the time and effort and money spent. You would be better off experimenting with other acne treatment solutions to find one that best suits your skin.

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