Written by Lana Vella on May 5, 2018
photo of a body builder

How To Build The Best Body

Building your body requires time, dedication and hours spent in the gym. There is no quick fix to expanding your muscles and it takes a lot of discipline. Diet needs to be approached as well and forms an integral part of whether or not you succeed. There needs to be an intake of more lean protein, less unhealthy carbohydrates, and more vegetables.

In the famous words of seven-time - Mr. Olympia winner Arnold Schwarzenegger: “Not many people understand what a pump is. It must be experienced to be understood. It is the greatest feeling that I get. I search for this pump because it means that that my muscles will grow when I get it. I get a pump when the blood is running into my muscles. They become really tight with blood. Like the skin is going to explode any minute. It’s like someone putting air in my muscles. It blows up. It feels fantastic.”

One of the best ways of increasing blood flow is by ingesting nitric oxide, dubbed ‘The Miracle Molecule’. The following are the benefits of having nitric oxide in your system:

  • Nitric Oxide improves cardiovascular health.

  • Nitric Oxide reduces fatigue, extends performance and increases endurance.

  • Nitric Oxide improves sexual performance. bottle of research verified nitric oxide

  • Nitric Oxide expands the internal diameter of the blood vessels, enhancing blood flow.

  • Nitric Oxide affects the release of testosterone and adrenaline, speeding muscle growth and aids the recovery time of muscles after workouts.

  • Nitric Oxide delivers more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, helping them to grow.

The only thing to consider with regards to nitric oxide supplements is being able to find a really good nitric oxide supplement. There are so many on the market one can feel confusion with regards to choosing the right one. We found a great product with the correct strength and all the ingredients needed in a nitric oxide supplement. It’s called Research Verified Nitric Oxide. If you want to find out more about it, read our Research Verified Nitric Oxide review. You will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of the product.


According to Arnold Schwarzenegger, he has great nutrition tips. They are as follows:

  1. Get knowledgeable about nutrition

  2. Make protein a priority

  3. Calculate your intake of protein

  4. Eat eggs

  5. Be wary of fat-free products

  6. Believe in protein shakes

  7. Increase your multivitamins*

  8. Eliminate food loaded with sugar

  9. Eat clean, healthy food.

  10. Get nutrients into your system after a workout.

  11. Add an extra  (350-500 calorie) snack in order to gain weight

  12. Leave out dessert

  13. Familiarise yourself with portion size

(*Check with your doctor first before doing so).


According to Muscle & Strength, the top exercises per bodypart are:

Chest photo of man weight lifting

  • Bench Press

  • Incline Bench Press

  • Dips

  • Dumbbell Bench Press

  • Incline Dumbbell Bench Press


  • Deadlifts

  • Pull Ups

  • Barbell Row

  • Dumbbell Row

  • Power Clean


  • Military Press

  • Push Press

  • Bench Press

  • Seated Behind The Neck Press

  • Seated Dumbbell Press


  • Squats

  • Front Squats

  • Stiff Leg Deadlifts

  • Leg Press

  • Barbell Lunge

Arms photo of man pull up

  • Chin Ups

  • Close Grip Bench Press

  • Dips

  • Barbell Curls

  • Seated Two Arm Dumbbell Tricep Extension

Other great overall mass building exercises are:

  • Weighted Sit Ups

  • Power Shrugs

  • Cable Crunches

  • Side Bends

  • Seated Calf Raises

Our Final Say

In conclusion it must be said that bodybuilders deserve a lot of respect. They have such admirable qualities of discipline and strength of character in that they are confident enough to believe in themselves so much that they dedicate so much of their free time into improving themselves. The formula is pretty simple: Diet + Exercise + Supplements + Discipline = a well built body. Get to the gym, look after yourself and enjoy a beautiful and strong body!

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